The Teacher – Mr. Whalen

Jeff - Mr. WhalenMr. Whalen was an Instrumental Teacher A.K.A. Mr. Band for over twenty years at the Yorktown Central School District.  One of the traits Mr. Whalen was known for was his good sense of humor, especially telling jokes.  He would love to keep everyone smiling!  

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How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins

Mr. Whalen was always happy to talk about the band program and instruments in general.  Visit these links to learn more on that topic:

Jeffrey Whalen Playing Sax
Mr. Whalen supported the following music Associations:
New York Foundation for the Arts
New York State School Music Association
Although he used a variety of established music, Mr. Whalen frequently made arrangements to target the level of the musicians for whom he was writing.  Over the years, he wrote original music and countless arrangements for elementary band to high school jazz band to professional musicians. Mr. Whalen recently started to share some of his songs for beginner players with an online music catalog.  He used the pseudo name, Mr. Band!  In the future, hopefully more of his many original pieces will be added.
One of Mr. Whalen's fun rewards
A fun, catchy track by Mr. Band.
This collection of 6 Fun Flute Duets is perfect for the beginning flute player. Each exciting duet is written using only 4 notes – G, A, B and C!
Your beginning band students will have a ball playing this fun, bluesy concert selection by Mr. Band. “Smooth Move” has a strong background ostinato and a jazzy melody that is accessible even to first year band students. You will find yourself humming this song all concert season!
This tune has always been a favorite of my first year band students. With this song, you won’t have to ask them to practice. It’s got a catchy easy-to-learn melody, a nice drum solo and just enough challenge to keep everyone working. Here are some things to look for: single paradiddles in the snare drum part, slurred vs. tongued phrases in the melody, chromatics at the bridge, and the change in dynamics at the end. I hope you and your students enjoy this one as much as my students have!
This simple yet majestic beginning band arrangement is perfect for every concert, assembly, flag raising, or graduation ceremony taking place at your school. Your kids will love it, and your audience will too. Its easy to understand rhythms, and exciting introduction will make this arrangement a permanent part of your basic library.
Mr. Whalen was Co-Director of the Yorktown High School Jazz Band.

Yorktown High School Bands

Jeffrey Whalen - Seniors PromJeffrey Whalen - Jazz Band Conducting
A former student sang this year and mentioned Jeff as a teacher who helped her along the way.  This is a link to the article where he is recently (2016) cited.

In April, 2015, Jeffrey Whalen was honored by the Foundation for Excellence in Yorktown at its annual Casino Night and Dinner Dance.
Yorktown Foundation for Excellence Honors Jeffrey Whalen